So you will never believe you filmed the infamous BJ Whitmer video that made its rounds around the interent a few months ago. It was my co host from The Tiny Tights Show, the one and only Mike Batch!!!

Here it is….



BIG SHOW is SAD. RAP. TINY TIGHTS SHOW (a Wrestling Podcast)

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Big Show Sad aka Crying for Bryan

Tiny Tights SHOW attends ROH EVENT in Toronto

Kevin Steen Entrance

Young Bucks & ACH spot

Paul London vs Michael Elgin. Ending to match

Paul London vs Michael Elgin. Reverse Hurricane Rana

Paul London vs Michael Elgin. Top Rope suplex

MULTIVERSE 5 (The podcast mothership that helps propel The Tiny Tights Show

MULTIVERSE 5 is a creation of my Tiny Tights co founder/host Mike Batch. Please check out the blog with hazy fog. COMICS, MOVIES, TV, GAMING and of course PRO WRESTLING.

How do I find the The Tiny Tights Show in iTunes?

How do I find the The Tiny Tights Show in iTunes?

Just follow this link

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The Tiny Tights Show : Wrestling & MMA Podcast

Original Content The Tiny Tights Show : Wrestling & MMA Podcast

Zach the Computer Guy and Mike Batch host a Wrestling and MMA  podcast called the The Tiny Tights show. In this episode the guys went to a ROH PPV “BorderWARS” in Toronto, Canada. Mike Batch and James also attended the TV tapings a day later. Here the scoop and don’t forget TIGHTS WIN FIGHTS! Thanks for listening

Tiny Tights Show. Wrestling MMA Podcast.


English: World Wrestling Entertainment headqua...

English: World Wrestling Entertainment headquarters, Stamford, Connecticut Photo taken July 9, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tiny Tights Show. Wrestling MMA Podcast.

I co host a wrestling and MMA podcast called the Tiny Tights Show. Mike Batchelor and I are serious about the craft and we everything from WWE to independent circuits.